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  • The average child spends 15,000 hours sitting on chairs during their school life. Many then go onto further education or into a desk job where they continue to top up more and more sedentary hours. 

  • Around a fifth of children suffer back pain and three in every classroom will see a doctor before their 16th birthday complaining of the condition.

  • It won’t stop there. 50% of the UK population will suffer from some form of back and neck pain and visit a doctor as a result.

  • Children do not have the same rights as adults in terms of having a chair that protects their health.


Active sitting + constant movement= happy alert students! 

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“Stop swinging on your chair!”      

"Sit Still!" 

Does this sound familiar, bringing back memories of your school years?

Most of us will remember the feeling of have a numb bum whilst sitting for hours on end on a chair that was built for ease of stacking rather than the comfort of the student using it.

And who can forget dozing off in a few of those double science lessons? Struggling to keep your eyes open and swinging on your chair just to keep yourself awake??

It is now widely documented that our excessive sedentary lifestyles are destroying our health. Increased use of technology in education and at home is leading to a proliferation of this problem. 

Lets make a change by addressing these issues at grass roots level - lets bring movement back to the classroom! 


Bring back movement and variation.. 

The human body is not designed to sit still but for movement and variation.

HÅG is one of the best known seating brands across Scandinavia. Many years of experience with development and research has ensured we are trusted to look after the health and wellbeing of our users.

HÅG seating is designed to encourage students to move their entire body without thinking about it.

Active sitting increases blood circulation, increasing oxygenation to the brain which in turn helps us to stay alert for longer. The student is always prepared for a new movement and a new task!

Always perfectly in balance

Balance is the best starting point for movement.

To achieve dynamic sitting you need a Balanced Movement Mechanism™ and user-friendly controls to personalise the settings of your chair. Once balance has been achieved, the body controls the chair, deciding when to move and when to sit still in a given position.

Sit actively, effortlessly with HÅG's trademarked movement maker! 

The Balanced Movement Mechanism™ is unique to HÅG! In a HÅG chair, the front edge of the seat tilts upwards when the user leans backwards and down when the user leans forwards. This stimulates ankle movement, in turn activating the circulation mechanisms of the lower legs (“the peripheral heart”), enhancing circulation throughout the body. The result is greater energy and improved efficiency for the task at hand. 

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Learn and Collaborate! 

In our range we have great solutions for every area of an educational facility.Whether it is a desk for focused work, meeting space, canteen or IT factility we have a solution that will keep students moving and perfimring the best they can. 

Our products are the natural choice for the student's health and performance in school. It starts with the chair.

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